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Re-entry permit - current VISA extension and new VISA extension

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hi there
I will renew my VISA extension in Jan, and it will be effective on Feb 1.  I will travel from the last week Jan to the first week Feb.  Currently; I don't have a re-entry permit.

WONDER - (scenario 1) do I need a single re-entry permit to leave the country and return with a new re-entry permit effective Feb 1?  OR, (scenario 2) I just leave the country with no re-entry permit (for the current expiring VISA extension) but come back using a 'fresh' re-entry permit effective Feb 1 ?


your ideas are welcome !


cheers and Happy New Year !

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I thought I re entry permit had the valid to date on it.? Had to re-entry Thailand by that date.  So when you get a new exstention get a re entry permit same time .the permit then will cover you till the next exstention.

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it is a marriage VISA. I used to apply a new multiple re-entry permit when I get the new VISA extension, keep it for that particular year, safe and done.


for some years, I left the country with the expiring VISA extension and come back using the new one, that had no problem with the VISA extension.


since no travel this year I have no re-entry permit with me.  can I leave the country without a re-entry permit (end Jan), and come back using the NEW VISA extension and the new re-entry permit (effective Feb 1) ?  would the re-entry permit need to be "paired in-and-out", or it is really the "re-entry" ?



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