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THAI says it has sold 8 aircrafts and other non-core assets during past 3-months as part of its rehab plan


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By Thanaphum Charoensombatpanich

Embattled national carrier – Thai Airways International Plc (THAI), has come out to update its ongoing bankruptcy rehabilitation plans to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in which it stated that the airline has managed to keep its promises as per the plan.


THAI, whose subsidiary – Thai Smile, made global headlines yesterday after a mid-air brawl captured on video went viral, said that it has managed to divest many of its assets along with its ability to revive its business.


THAI late yesterday came out to say that as per the rehabilitation plans, the airline is obliged to send its progress on rehabilitation plans each quarter to the SET and during this quarter it wants to inform that it has managed to sell many of its non-core assets, along with some unused aircrafts and engines.


Full story: https://www.thaienquirer.com/47200/thai-says-it-has-managed-to-sell-8-aircrafts-and-other-non-core-assets-during-the-past-3-months-as-part-of-its-rehabilitation-plan/



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'Thai' is infect the Thai government and the Thai people's asset, and Thai international are acting as if they own the assets loosing billions by willy-nilly buying and selling aircrafts as if they were shoes...

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24 minutes ago, GinBoy2 said:

Hmmm, I'm seeing six 772 airframes sold.


Interested to see what the other  two are

According to the web site thaiaircrafttrading, they have 6 B777-200 and 6 B777-300 for sale. With this latest announcement they have sold the B777-200 and probably 2 of the B777-300.

Only speculation on my part


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4 hours ago, Mr Meeseeks said:

Just another 598 billion Baht to go then.

Almost all all airlines are in debt. Aircraft either bought or leased are expensive.


The important thing is having the income to support that debt.


TG has in the past lived in a fantasy world where the government would just write off the debt.


Oooooh SQ has has the A380, we gotta gotta get some, regardless of whether it made any economic sense to the network.


Thats the craziness that has to change, I wait with bated breath

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