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Power outage to end 2022

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Major electrical outage in the Plai Laem area last night. From 19.30 until after midnight. It was still out when I went to bed at 01.00ish.

PEA said that there were quite a few areas without power.

Also, water shortages in quite a few areas. Government water especially, but we are even seeing problems with trucked in water and direct well water supplies.

The  island seems to be very full and demand is outstripping supply???


Happy New Year one and all and have a great 2023.

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There was a massive thunderstorm in the Bophut area, I think a power transformer got struck but not sure. We lost power until around 11:30 as far as I can see from the security cameras. No issues in Chaweng, it was still pretty packed around 3:30am.


There seem to be a lot of people around, massive traffic jams near the Fisherman's village (ring road) and Chaweng, our neighbour's brother had to depart yesterday to Bangkok, the next few days the direct flights are 100% booked and he wouldn't be able to go back to work.

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The power dropped a number of times for seconds in the Maenam area between 7 pm and 8 pm, but got stable again and keep running until I "dropped" some hours into this year...🥳

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Went out around 7:30 8-ish, but on and off three or four times before going off for about  ten to fifteen minutes here in Bangrak.

From where I was, it looked to be the whole island. Every time it tried to come on there was a really bright flash near what looked to be the W hotel area.


I was trying to isolate things in the MCB.


For us in Bangrak it was only off for a short while, but apparently some of the bars in Bangrak lost it until 9-ish.

Was also off in Chaweng.


GF told me a big transformer in Bophut was the culprit.

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