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COLA Letter Has Arrived

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Picked that up today also, along with pulse check/7162 second notice, along with 3 IRS letters;

1. one stating they can't do the FBAR in that office, from 2019

2. one stating they need more time to do 1040, which I told them the 2 previous times, they didn't need to do, as I'm not required to file.  Got to be the 5th letter stating the same that I've received, 'need another 60 days'.

3. 1040 investigation results 🤣, and I don't owe any balance on any accounts, this was for tax year ending 2020 😳


The is one inefficient waste of gov't taxes office.  


So I made 5 copies of 7162, and will mail back, 1 a week, maybe 1 will actually be received.  First time in 20+ yrs they haven't received.  From the postings, seems to be a current ongoing thing.

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