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Recommendations for visa agents in Bangkok, please.

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Having spent rather too long trying to trawl through the myriad posts and topics here, I'm just going to post this - can anyone recommend a good visa agent here in Bangkok? I've slightly less than a month till my 90 days non-immigrant visa runs out. I'd intended to open a bank account, deposit the requisite chunk of money, and apply for the retirement visa extension but due to various family/nanny/grandchildren emergencies I haven't managed to open a bank account here yet, let alone apply for an extension.

Also an indication of the rates. I had one quote of 14,000THB for the visa, with an extra 4000THB for re-entry permit, and an additional 14,000 for assistance in opening the bank account which seems, from the posts I have managed to fish out, rather a lot. Informed advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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My visa agent told me that Bangkok Bank was the softest touch in terms of being light on documentation demands.


But only some branches are so forgiving. She told me which one for free, when she did a visa extension for me (worth the money).


But in Chiang Mai, so that's the extent of my help. Opening the account itself requires no assistance.


14K is my retirement visa fee with 4K for the re-entry option.

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Thank you @DrJack54 for mentioning us.

@Drumbuie The quoted bank fee may be quite a bit high other than that the agent rates seem to be in line.


If you need assistance, or a quote from our team here are some details:

> Google Maps / Reviews


> @LINE ACCOUNT (around the clock support)

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