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Did SCB E PASSBOOK silently lower their 1.5 percent to max. 1 million baht in stead of 2 million

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It is the time of the year to collect interest from the banks.


I was surprised to get only half from SCB from the other banks.


When I enrolled, I got 1.5 percent gross to up to 2 million baht.


Never got any email from them about this sneaky trick


or is it Alzheimers ?


KKP gives 1.6% up to 2 million

SCB EZ passbook was supposed to give the same ...



or no Alzheimers


way back machine




they silently changed 2 million into 1... sneaky bastards


any other victims of this ... fraud ?

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7 minutes ago, Justanotherone said:

any other victims of this ... fraud ?

I was for a few weeks until another AN poster started a thread about the changes to the EZ Savings account at SCB.

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Should a bank not inform customers about such a sneaky move


Apparently it was up to 5 million in 2020


Never got any email or real mail and online history only goes back 6 months


Good I found out now then even later


Bank shopping today as those sneaky bastards can shove it

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4 hours ago, Justanotherone said:

Should a bank not inform customers about such a sneaky move

One would expect it in many countries. However here probably best to read the relevant Ts and Cs to avoid the disappointment expressed thus far -


Point 4 -


The Bank will pay interest to the Applicant at the rate pursuant to the Bank’s announcement Re: Deposit Interest Rate which will be publicly announced by the Bank at that day.

So I doubt they consider it "sneaky".........:wink:

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10 hours ago, indyo said:

can this e-passbook or ez-saving be used for annual visa extension?

Yes at CW , Bangkok

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