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Xi Jinping is 'preparing the Chinese people for war,' Trump-era national security advisor says


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H.R. McMaster, the former US national security advisor, said on Monday that he believed China's leader, Xi Jinping, was "preparing the Chinese people for war."


Speaking on CBS' "Face The Nation," hosted by Margaret Brennan, McMaster said the US should take care "not to fall into the same traps we did with Vladimir Putin" when it came to the threat of conflict with China over Taiwan.


He and several pundits, including Michèle Flournoy, the former undersecretary of defense for policy, were on the show discussing US foreign policy on various fronts, such as dealing with Iran, the war in Ukraine, and China.



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3 minutes ago, NickyLouie said:

Now would be the absolute perfect time to to invade and overthrow this communist Chinese regime.

Russia is so pathetically weak they would be helpless and would need to sit back and watch.



Soper up then think about it :-

Russia currently topped the list of countries with the most nuclear weapons.

Currently, Russia has 5,977 nukes of which 1,458 are active and 3,039 are inactive but are ready to use. 

The number of nuclear warheads in China's arsenal is a state secret. 

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4 hours ago, StayinThailand2much said:

It will probably turn out just like the Ukraine conflict, with the U.S. providing weapons and intel, and otherwise wishing Taiwan 'good luck'... However, the West (and the whole world) has more to lose this time, not wheat or gas, but Taiwan's microchip production, which China, no doubt, will use to its sole advantage. 

A war over/in Taiwan would destroy Taiwan's chip making facilities, and they would take years to rebuild elsewhere. 


Taiwan supplies the world with the most advanced microprocessors.  Losing it would be bad for the world economy; the only question is how bad.

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Some how I don’t think China wants to kill its economy by going to war with the USA im hoping they are bluffing that beeing said it would certainly be prudent to keep our guard up let’s hope mc masters is mistaken 

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