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Multiple entry visa with extension. Latest filght return date?

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Hi. I'm planning on visiting Thailand with a multiple entry visa, which is valid for 6 months. As far as I understand, I can time my last re-entry so that I get almost 8 months, and then extend it by 30 days too, for a total of almost 9 months in Thailand. Is this correct? If this is my plan, am I allowed to enter Thailand with a return flight ticket for about 9 months later?


(To clarify, I'm not asking for the exact date, because I understand this depends on when the visa is approved and so on. But rather, I want to know if it's around 9 months, or for example 6 months, or what?)

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When you receive your METV it will have a period of validity.

You need to exit and reenter just prior to it's expiry date.

You don't want to apply too early for the METV. 

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12 hours ago, Alidiver said:

To apply for a said visa you need to show proof of flight booking.

You obviously do not understand the question he asked, and I am having difficulty understanding why on earth you posted such an irrelevant  comment. Try reading the OP again

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