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More Forums Please


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Could we please have some more forums.  I'm still finding it possible to find things and average thread viewership is still not single digits.

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25 minutes ago, KannikaP said:

What extra fora would you like Lee? Pets, board games, women's sport, STD's. Let us all know.

Maybe we could have a "Dangerous for Delicate Sensibilities" forum for the posts removed from elsewhere.  Viewers would sign a waver and must prove mental competence and emotional stability to enter.



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14 hours ago, Shop mak said:

'Senior moment' ?

Granted, my initial post may look like that.  🙄  The main argument was that too many - fragmented - Forums reduces "views" for each topic, thus limiting discussion (and making it less likely a casual viewer will discover threads of interest).  It also makes posting to the officially 'correct' Forum a pain - particularly when the 'correct' forum may have minimal views.  Example: one may be interested in a thread someone posts about "Western Food in Thailand", but not interested enough in the topic to bother to routinely view that Forum.



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I'd like to see an Nang Kwak appreciation forum. I never tire of the endless variations of that busty prosperity goddess.


A guy standing outside of McDonalds on Nimman Road was selling terrible, amateurish sketches. I commissioned him to do a nude Nang Kwak drawing (for a lesbian friend back home who I occasionally send Nang Kwaks to).


He couldn't bring himself to do it. All I got was big breasts, with painted over nipples. Nang Kwak was just too much of a saint to show nude (tho I do have a naked wooden Nang Kwak from the Vietnam War era),


So a forum where I could discuss all things Nang Kwak would be very helpful to me.

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