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Lawyer in Phayao


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Finally managed to get Wife/ girl-friend ( our marriage is not registered in Thailand,) to discuss inheritance etc.

She owns everything we have in Phayao, no problem fro me, but I wnt her to make soem sort of will, so that her wishes are enacted when she dies..  We ave a will in UK and she inherits much of my assets there, so she will be quite well off.

Can anyone recommend an English speak lawyer  in Phayao who will draw up the required documents for us.  neither of us have had any previous dealings with any lawyer in Thailand.

I can only make assumptions based on UK inheritance law, nd tell her that most probably, as we have no children, her siblings will inherit all from her.  if she wnt any different, she must make a will specifying what she wants.

As I am 15yrs. older than her, I am mot likely to pre-decease her

I would appreciate any informed advice on this matter, as I do not want her left with complications when I die.  Should i be making a will in Thailand even though I have few assets here?

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Apicheat Wannagord, week days in Phayao City and week end in Pong district, usually.

081 9527238 or 054 482313, have her call him.

He knows how to do for foreigners.

If no will, in your case, might go to the state.




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Write down what you want to happen if you pre-decease her.  Then have that OFFICIALLY certified or translated.  Then take those documents, along with your foreigner ID (Passport or pink card) to the local Amphur office closest to you and have your will registered.  Costs 20B., and it IS a formal legal document.

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