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Western Engineer Assaults Pattaya Bar Women In Row Over Bill


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29 minutes ago, soalbundy said:

Hey! what have you got against the Brits, we are still in the league.

My theory is the hot weather is slowing you down. Maybe get up bright and early, when it's slill cool, and attack some moo-ping vendors? You know, that bstard that charged you 6 baht when the going rate was 5...

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2 hours ago, SAFETY FIRST said:

I read he is a Wastewater Engineer in another article, it said he drives a truck, transportation of sewage. 


He collects feces from domestic septic tanks, a Crapologist.  


I hope he washed his hands before beating the women up. 


More important to wash his hands after in some cases, quiet night hit the last couple of customers. 

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