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Easist way for Thai wife to stay in Cambodia for 40 days?

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Hello Anyone with Experience,


We plan to go to Cambodia for 40 days for a holiday, I am very confused by all the websites for VISA.

We found https://www.evisa.gov.kh/ when we upload her passport she's forced into E Visa and needs hotel bookings and not weirdly a letter of invitation.

We I upload my passport (Australian), none of these fields exist nor are forced and I can select a T Visa.

So I guess my questions is if she arrives at the airport and gets a 15 days entry, does she get a T Visa on arrival (or something else), and can we visit the Department of Immigration and get myself and her a 30 day extension.

Been in Thailand for 17 years, with my wife for 15, we've never visited Cambodia.



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I went to see a Thai friend but she is out. Will try again later.


AFAIK Thais get a free visafree entry for 14 days.


Going to Cambodian Immigration isn't the same as in Thailand. They prefer you use an agent.


If you were going near a border e.g. Kep, Kampot you could just go over the nearby Vietnam border. Either turn around and come straight back or stay in Ha Tien for a few days. Nice town 6 kms from border.

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According to my Thai friend the 14 days for a Thai can be extended for 30 days.


She did it with a Sihanoukville agent for $55!


Next time went to Sophea agents in Kampot. Near ABA bank. She can't remember how much they were going to charge but it was less. She hired a motorbike ininfor Kampot for $5 and $2 fuel and went to the Vietnam border.


In Phnom Penh try Marany agents on 51 street. Should be less cost. It may take two weeks.


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14 days free entry
30 day VOA  ( $30)  Online cost $36 but saves a page ( entry stamp vs full page visa sticker)
30 day extension via an agent $40-60
In PP Cina agent on street 130 

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Had the same problem as the OP.  I got an E class visa online without any issues (no flights or hotel booked) but could not get one for my Thai GF.  Emailed a few times and did not get straight forward answers so wrote a letter copying my visa and explaining that I wanted to retire and live in Cambodia with my Thai GF.  Uploaded this 3 times as the 'hotel reservation', 'letter of invitation' and 'other'.  Visa issued within 2 days. 

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On 7/24/2023 at 7:42 AM, zzzzz said:

she is going to need a long term extension an unless she is over 50 , ur stuck paying an agent for "help" 

Not in my case as we applied for my Thai GF to have a Work Permit as Self-Employed which allows her to stay 12 months, renewable every December

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