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Chiang Mai models stir the pot, accuse event organiser of robbery


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A group of models and presenters in Chiang Mai province descended upon San Kamphaeng Police Station at 9am today to complain to an event organiser allegedly named Daeng. The group accused him of failing to pay for their services at a coffee launch event.


The nine victims attempted to contact the organiser for payment. Initially, he promised to pay after selling some land but eventually became unreachable, leading them to believe they were deceived into working for free.


The same group of models and presenters, including a 27 year old woman known as A, claimed that Daeng initially hired them to participate in the event.

The group, consisting of nine professionals who promote products and services, was hired for a job Daeng received from a coffee and health product manufacturer, a hill tribe resident from Yang Piang, Omkoi district, Chiang Mai. The product launch took place on October 10, reported KhaoSod.


by Nattapong Westwood

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod


Full story: The Thaiger 2023-11-02


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A small lesson to be learned.


If you don't know the organiser or have not worked with them before, ask for your fee upfront.


Settle for no less than 50% and if you are offered less, hold out for the  50%.


If it is not forthcoming, cancel the booking.


If you are stiffed on the rest, at least you got 50%.

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"accuse event organiser of robbery"


I really wish journalists would learn that words have meanings. Many people in this chat will know that what the ladies experienced was not a "robbery". Was there a threat of force before or during the time that the money was stolen? If there wasn't, there was no robbery.


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