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Chiang Mai University Introduces Electric Songthaew Pilot Project: Plans to Remodify 100 Red Taxis for Sustainable Transport


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Chiang Mai—On January 24th, 2024, Thai national media reported an introduction to a pilot project, a 100% electric songthaew or truck taxi, in the development of Chiang Mai University.

Asst. Prof. Anucha Promwungkwa, Ph.D., the Electric Songthaew Project Manager, stated to Thai media that after 8-months of research, it was finally deployed. Asst. Prof. Anucha aimed to study the prototype and further expand the project from piloting two electric songthaews to red taxis in Chiang Mai.


Mr. Borisut Santiwattanaphan, a songthaew driver, told Thai media that after he tried using a modified electric songthaew, formerly a fuel vehicle, it was better than using oil energy in all aspects. The electric songthaew costs less in maintenance and energy. Borisut hoped that soon there would be more electric songthaews in Chiang Mai.


By Kittisak Phalaharn


Full story: THE PATTAYA NEWS 2024-01-26


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40 minutes ago, webfact said:

Thai national media reported an introduction to a pilot project, a 100% electric songthaew or truck taxi

A step in the right direction.

We need more of these projects....


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the government should heavily subsidize this all over the country. scrap a few military deals and there is probably more than enough money to do it.


are the trucks also being fitted with a solar system on the roof ? since they are out driving around all day why not get some free energy too. 

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Fine as sustainability may be the fact remains that the roads will still be littered with idiot songtaew drivers and the vehicle owner mafia will still prevent CM developing a decent public transport system. CMU should apply its vast intellect to getting rid of the old corruption and bringing in a truly effective multi modal transport network. Only then will this city be rid of the polluters and road hogs that clog our roads.

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