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Agent Retirement Visa and 90 day reports

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2 hours ago, transam said:

I would like to know how those who go through an agent get round the later 90 day reports, perhaps those of you who use an agent can explain the routine...😉


Live in Bangkok, agent is in Soi Post,  Pattaya. Hump the bus every 90 days or so from Ekkamai to Patts*, Bolt motosai to the agent's office, hand over passport and 100 baht, head to The Sportsman for a Full English, Bolt motosai to bus station, hump the bus back to Udom Suk BTS then Skytrain the rest of the way back to my shoebox in Lumphini 😂


Agent mails the passport with TM47 receipt back to me by EMS.


I could mail my passport to the agent's office but the trip to Pattaya once a quarter is a nice distraction.

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I used an agent in a different area for the retirement visa for two years and the 90 day reports were done for free by the agent.

I just had two send him copies of passport and visa details to the agent 3 weeks before the due date .

This year I did the 12 month visa myself and i will have to do the 90 day report at the end of April.

I hope all goes well after 2 years of using agents.

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I have used an agency in the past to do 90 Day Reports, just for not needing to be bothered with the hassle. Here in Chiang Mai, however, there is a Drive Up Window at Immigration. Hand the document and Passport in. Officer checks against the computer and updates, hands all back. Matter of a minute or two (barring any issue). We just moved last month so, I had an agent update the TM30, 90 Day Report and get a Residence Certificate as I was renewing the 5 year MB and car Driver Licenses.

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