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Khon Kaen police issues urgent warning against online fraud


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In a bid to tackle the rising tide of online fraud, Khon Kaen Police Station took an unprecedented step, adorning its exterior with colossal signs standing up to 3 metres tall.


These giant warnings, unveiled yesterday, February 28, aim to arm citizens with crucial advice on dodging the traps set by cunning scammers.


With phrases like: Do not believe, Do not be rushed, Do not transfer, and Do not click on links, these towering reminders serve as a beacon of caution amidst the digital age’s treacherous waters.


Victims of online fraud, phone 1441, implored another sign, underscoring the urgency of the situation.


Police Colonel Yotsawat Kaewsuebthanyanit, the superintendent of Mueang police, shed light on the necessity of this bold move, citing a staggering influx of over 2,000 complaints from victims this year alone. Last year’s toll surpassed 5,000, painting a grim picture of the pervasive threat posed by cybercriminals, reported Bangkok Post.


Pol. Col. Yotsawat emphasised the proactive stance taken by the Mueang Police Station.


“By plastering these signs, we aim to arm our residents with knowledge, exposing the deceptive tactics employed by fraudsters, whether they masquerade as law enforcement or private individuals.”


The superintendent issued a heartfelt plea to the public, urging them to exercise utmost caution.


“Do not be swayed by pressure, refrain from transferring money to unfamiliar entities, and steer clear of suspicious links.”


In related news, since its establishment on November 1 last year, the Anti-Online Scam Operation Centre (AOC 1441) has waged a battle against cyber fraud, culminating in the freezing of 39,918 bank accounts, revealed Digital Economy and Society Minister Prasert Chantararuangthong. Prasert disclosed that this drastic action was prompted by a deluge of 307,515 complaints received by AOC as of January’s conclusion.


In other news, cybercrime inflicted a devastating blow to Thailand’s economy with losses amounting to 6.76 billion baht within 70 days, as reported by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB). Despite a decline in call centre scams, there was a noted surge in scams related to the struggling economy, including those promising additional income and fraudulent loan schemes.


By Mitch Connor

Caption: Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post


Source: The Thaiger 2024-02-29


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Thailand Facebook marketplace is the worst I’ve seen for scams.

Deceptively priced items regularly.


many scammers offering to collect balance on delivery with a deposit, and then never delivering a product and subsequently blocking and deleting all communication without a trace of where / who they are.


Many of these “struggling hawkers and traders” do not even own or have products in their possession and merely conspire with others to photograph, communicate with purchaser, pressure sell (hurry today for discount) we can deliver and other “service”.

 I’ve had them send ID and other personal information and claim it was them but don’t see them in any pictures they send.


pictures of loading the truck etc,

the pics they sent were different trucks, different loads, 


no licence plate numbers seen, people in one pic had different clothes in second picture and were supposedly loading the truck “ at that moment”

They want you to send money before shipping. Nah, sorry, I know what I’m buying and it ain’t there BS




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Yep, I got done recently.  A crappy laptop for very basic use.  Price looked cheap but not quite to the point of being TOO cheap.


A lesson learned but not an expensive one, fortunately.


Be careful.

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