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Chiang Mai Zoo splashes 29 million baht on renovated aquarium


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Chiang Mai Zoo proudly unveiled its renovated aquarium following a substantial financial investment of over 29 million baht. The refurbishment of this unique mountain-based aquarium, the first of its kind in Thailand, is projected to draw an increased number of visitors.


Wuthichai Muangman, the zoo’s director, shared that Attapon Srihayrun, the director-general of the Zoological Park Organisation of Thailand (ZPO), granted this budget for 2023 to facilitate the aquarium’s makeover.


The renovation was completed successfully and the aquarium doors were reopened to the public on the first day of April, Wuthichai confirmed.

With a fresh theme focussed on environmental protection and earth preservation, the upgraded aquarium is anticipated to boost its income by 10% from entry fees, Attapon projected. The aquarium had been temporarily closed last year to facilitate the refurbishment work.

“The renovated aquarium is expected to be a hit among tourists, given its unique proposition of bringing the sea to a mountain and its adherence to international standards. It also serves as an excellent educational hub for children and young visitors.”


Attapon further highlighted the affordable entry fees when compared to other global aquariums, which typically charge a minimum of 1,000 baht per visitor. The Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium’s admission fees are set at 300 baht for Thai adults, 175 baht for Thai children, 640 baht for foreign adults, and 375 baht for foreign children.


Additionally, the ZPO plans to allocate an extra budget of one million baht to the aquarium for the acquisition of more marine species, Attapon revealed.


Beyond being a tourist magnet and educational facility, the aquarium plays a crucial role as a research and conservation centre, Attapon pointed out.


Narutat Chareonsedtasin, CEO of Marine Scape (Thailand), the company managing the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium, elaborated on the aquarium’s unique features. Boasting the longest underwater tunnel in the world, spanning 133 metres, the aquarium also exhibits the most diverse river fish species in Thailand.


Over 80 species from the Mekong River Basin and Chao Phraya Basin are displayed here, reported Bangkok Post.

The renovation work extended to improving the aquarium’s air conditioning, walkways, ventilation and the well-being of the marine animals, Chareonsedtasin added.


by Mitch Connor

Picture of children watching a giant sea turtle courtesy of Chiang Mai Zoo


Source: The Thaiger 2024-04-17


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