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Can someone recommend the best Tailor shop at Thonglhor?

Chris official

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Quite likely difficult for anyone to evaluate as there is very little basis for comparison, unless someone has had a number of suits from a range of different tailors and can identify the better one. 


.. People get a suit and that's that...   they like it.. and thats their recommendation, when in reality, another tailor may be better.




From a personal perspective - I've had 3 suits made in Thailand over the years, from three difference tailors and I wasn't really that impressed with them. 

Being 'normally sized' I found that an off the rack suit from a decent brand to be much better, only requiring adjustment for leg-length (as they come).


That said, the off the rack brands were Boss, Paul Smith and Givenchy - so the price point very different at 50-60,000 baht, compared to the 15,000 baht or so for a Tailored suit - the issue I found with the tailored suits was that they just didn't hold their shape well enough so they didn't get much wear.



There was a sponsored article on this site yesterday - I'd be tempted to give a suit from there a try... Its near Thonglor, so perhaps worth a throw of the dice.







Perhaps someone has been there and can comment. 






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Thank you so much . Yes I think Class Bespoke Tailor looks great I visited their website www.classbespoke.com and their social media and seems interesting I will take a look since its near the Samitivej Hospital at Thonglhor 13 so not that far from me and price wise looks great and in my Budget. Thanks a lot !! I will do a suit and update about results.

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