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A guide through the world of your bespoke suit

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A guide through the world of your bespoke suit

Discover Class Bespoke tailor: Your custom-made clothing destination in Bangkok Thonglor | News by Thaiger


When it comes to having a custom suit made for the first time, choosing the right one for you might feel difficult and confusing. However, after reading this guide, you'll gain some ideas to help you make informed decisions at your bespoke tailor shop in Bangkok.

Bespoke jackets variety:

This design includes 1 - 3 buttons arranged in the middle of the body to get the right size. A familiar classic design helps enhance the style of your bespoke suit and makes it look slimmer than other designs. This style button is a great choice for almost every occasion. Whether you wear it to work, go out, or attend formal events, it remains a versatile option that matches every style of suit collar. Most importantly, it’s also a style that’s commonly available at the best tailor shops, including ready-made suits and blazers.




The design of the double-breasted suit is more formal than the first one. In general, buttons with 4 - 8 buttons are commonly used, especially in classic vintage styles. Match with a pointed-neck suit. It will increase the intelligence of a young man. Suitable for wearing on special occasions that look neat and polite, suitable for girls with slender or slender figures. Because this design, when buttoned, will add width to the body area.




Tuxedo Jacket: Tuxedo characteristics include a dark blue, midi, or black blazer decorated with a silk or grosgrain wrap. Pair it with matching pants that have stripes along the outer leg crease. Complete the group with a simple white shirt with a collar or boat neck and pair it with a dark bow tie made from silk. You can finish the look with shiny leather shoes, dark socks, wristbands, and buttons.





Custom-made pants and shirts

Custom-made shirts:

Tailor-made shirts from the bespoke tailor are designed to conform to the wearer's body flawlessly. Customers can choose high-quality fabrics with various collar, sleeve, and emblem styles, such as monograms, ensuring each shirt is expertly tailored to guarantee the perfect fit.





Custom-made pants:

Pants are specially sewn according to the customer's size for a better fit and comfort. Customers can choose the fabric, style and small details like folds, sleeves and side and back pockets, whether custom-made pants for a formal event or casual chinos for regular wear.





The British, American, and Italian Cuts: A closer look at bespoke tailoring

British, American and Italian cut differences

British Cut: British cut suits, known for their shape and attention to detail, reveal simple elegance and timeless luxury. They feature structured shoulders and a slim waist, emphasising a strong and masculine look reminiscent of traditional military-style tailoring.

American Cut: The American cut suits are renowned for their laid-back and adaptable fit, striking a balance between style and casual ease. The jackets are designed with softly padded shoulders that naturally conform to the body, while the pants offer a comfortable fit, wider at the seat and thighs.

Italian Cut: Italian cut suits are famous for their craftsmanship and contemporary style, reflecting sophistication and modernity. They feature soft shoulders and a slim-fit waist, highlighting the natural body shape and creating a slender silhouette.




When it comes to choosing the right size for your custom-made clothing from a custom tailor in Bangkok, three keywords often come into play: slim, fit, and classic.



Why opt for bespoke suits?

What makes these custom suits attractive are their advantages, making them the more attractive choice for someone who values precision and style. The advantages are:

  • Perfect fit: Custom suits are tailored to your body's exact measurements and offer a fit that is flattering to your physique and comfortable to wear.

  • Personalised style: With bespoke tailoring, you can customise your suit, ranging from the colour to the design of lapels or the choice of fabric and where your buttons will be placed. With this, the suit will reflect your unique personality and 'suit' your preferences.

  • Exquisite craftsmanship: Custom suits are individual masterpieces of craftsmanship created by the tailor using the highest-quality materials. This ensures that the suit is durable and elegant.

  • Meticulous attention to detail: As opposed to retail suits, bespoke suits can be fitted with fine details that exhibit the tailor's artistic talent. Features such as hand-sewn buttons, which are also functional, and custom linings can be tailored to your needs.

  • Confidence and sophistication: A pristine tailored suit makes a memorable impression on everyone you meet and boosts your confidence as well. These suits are ideal for the special occasions and professional environments you will find yourself in.

Services offered by Class Bespoke Tailor

You may be wondering, "Where can I find the best tailor shop near me?" You do not need to look any further as  Class Bespoke Tailor proudly caters to clients of all ages and genders, offering a wide array of tailor-made garments:

  • Men's collection: Our meticulously tailored suits, shirts, and trousers enhance your wardrobe.

  • Women's collection: Explore their refined and chic custom-made suits, shirts, and trousers, each designed to celebrate feminine elegance.

  • Children's collection: Delight in their charming and comfortable suits for children, perfect for any special event.





Class Bespoke Tailor services start at 7,999 THB (approximately 200€ or 220 USD), offering excellent value for tailor-made luxury.

Worldwide shipping

Class Bespoke Tailor is delighted to offer worldwide shipping, enabling you to enjoy their custom-made clothing. When you are in Bangkok, they are your go-to tailor shop in Thonglor for unmatched personalisation and quality. You can contact them or visit their website today to learn more about their international shipping options and to begin crafting your wardrobe with their impeccable tailor.

Explore the finest in custom tailoring with Class Bespoke Tailor, the best tailor shop near you, and experience the pinnacle of custom-made elegance and sophistication.



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