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Could you share your thoughts on which careers are thriving there? Thanks!

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Many start out as a Hopeful Newbie then progress to immoral indulger followed by Flip flop afficianado as the great letting go process begins before attaining status as a beverage consultant and avid bar stool gawker intertwined with the occasional romance scams and finally, after careful thought and prognostication, One ascends to heavenly status judging all beneath them as they swan dive from the 13th Floor Pattaya Nest of Love they purchased oh so long ago as their little slice of Heaven.


Average salary: -85,000/month (You pay us, we watch you work)

Hours: Full Time with regular over time

Time Off: Yes, as needed

Medical: Regular check ups recommended




Submit your resume to the Department of Sick Water Buffalos and Empty Promises 💕

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Dependence on you, your background, your social skills, your play money, or call it risk account!


Real estate agent and or investor, but whatever you do, if you do not know yhe business or willing to learn the marked and dedicate your self to work hard, willing to risk your investment, forget about it.


If no, teacher pay little but it is income for decent work

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Take no notice - most of the guys on here don't work. There are obviously not so many jobs available to foreigners but there are some, mainly in Bangkok.  I'd suggest you'll find out far more by chatting to the expat guys in the bars around Thong Lor early evenings.


This website sometimes has jobs available for foreigners:



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