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Temporary electric wires across our land. Is it safe?

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This is one for the electric forum but couldnt see it on the main forum page. 


We have land and have a temporary electricity supply from a digial meter set up by the PEA. We have bamboo poles 20m apart with the white wire going to the hut. The main switch is under a wooden hut we put in the middle of the land. Now a small carport has been finished which is 60m away. If I buy 3 x 20m cords and connect them up (to each other) to supply the carport.... Is it risky if the wires are on the ground in the rain. At the points where I plug the connections into each other I propose to sit them on concrete pavers and put an upside down wheel barrow over it or something to keep the rain off it. 


Is this a risk at all if its raining and I go to use a fan or whatever in the carport? The black wires would all be exposed to the rain


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It would not be safe!!!


Go and buy a roll of 1.5mm2 flexible cable and put a plug on one end and a traily outlet on the other. Make a loooong extension cord.


Supporting the cable off the ground out of the wet would be a smart move.


Plug/socket joins are not intended to be out in the weather unless specifically designed for it.


How long would this temporary arrangement be in use for? 


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A safety cut used as a mains isolator in a weatherproof enclosure on a pole, right where the mains enter the property would also be a good move.

Cables on the ground never a good idea.

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8 hours ago, advancebooking said:

We have land and have a temporary electricity supply from a digial meter set up by the PEA

Do you have a breaker box right next to that? And earth?

If you use a RCBO right there, then I guess that would reduce any risk considerably. 

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Do I understand this right?

There is a white wire run from the meter on bamboo poles.

I assume the white wire is domestic house wire.

This is unsatisfactory if exposed to the elements for an extended period (a few years).

What is the cable protection at the meter?

Assuming the white wire is two core 2.5mm², there should be a fuse at the meter end not exceeding 20 Amps.

The fuse will ensure the wire won't get too hot in the event of a short at one of the connections etc.

Mind you, if there is a catastrophic fuseless shorting event the PEA supply will be sufficient to vaporise the cable.

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