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Friends Turn Foes: Temple Brawl Leaves Two Critically Injured


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A brawl left two friends critically injured in a surreal spectacle opposite the serene Huai Yai Temple in East Pattaya.


On Tuesday, June 18, a playful banter between two friends morphed into a shocking, violent duel. Weerayut Chomthalak, 36, was found at the scene with a severe head injury, bleeding profusely and possibly under the influence. His alleged assailant, 58-year-old Thongchai Tiendaeng, was also injured, noticeably limping on his right leg.


The surreal clash erupted when Thongchai, armed with a knife, faced off against Weerayut, who wielded a baseball bat. What began as playful jests escalated into a violent confrontation, drawing a bewildered crowd.


Eyewitnesses quickly called emergency services, their frantic calls punctuating the farcical yet tragic scene.

Thongchai was detained by a bystander until the police arrived.


He managed to recount his side of the story, claiming he was provoked by Weerayut’s drunken antics. In contrast, Weerayut, barely coherent, insisted his jesting had unintentionally sparked Thongchai’s fury.


The drama was further unravelled through CCTV footage, as Police Lieutenant Worawut Kittisirivoranan, Deputy Inspector of Huai Yai Police Station, assured that justice would be served for both participants in the scuffle, reported Pattaya Mail.


The incident captivated social media, sparking intense debate. It's a stark reminder of how quickly light-hearted moments between friends can spiral into violence. The unusual setting, so close to the peaceful Huai Yai Temple, added a layer of irony to the day's events.


As the community deals with what happened, officials are emphasizing the need to stay calm and reminding everyone that even innocent actions can go wrong. This strange fight is a warning about how easily friendships can break and how quickly jokes can turn into anger.


Picture courtesy: Pattaya Mail



-- 2024-06-21


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Where I was raised we were taught that communication was incredibly helpful when it came to diffusing a hot situation. Unfortunately this is not something that the vast majority of locals have much skill at, and in addition to the incredible weakness borne of the fear of losing face, this can produce quite volatile situations. 

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20 hours ago, fredwiggy said:

A playful banter between two friends, armed with a knife and baseball bat. Does anyone here fight just using their fists?

Well not when the other guy has a baseball bat!

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22 hours ago, fredwiggy said:

A playful banter between two friends, armed with a knife and baseball bat. Does anyone here fight just using their fists?

Some of the women do  :biggrin:

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