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Extension of non immigrant o visa

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I have a single entry non-immigrant O visa, once i'm married i will be wanting to extend it within thailand, preferably for a year.

I've reviewed the "Documents to submit for visa based on marriage to a Thai national" and "One Year Visa Extension" on ThaiVisa and I'm not sure whether either apply to my situation.

Both talk about work permit etc which I will not have, is there a page that contains details of what papers are needed to apply for a non-immigrant O visa on the basis of marriage to a thai?

Could you point me to it as I can't find it.


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On the basis of marriage you can obtain a single or multi non immigrant visa outside Thailand which will allow 90 day visits.  If you support your wife (or she supports you) you can then extend this type of visa one year at a time inside Thailand with proof of funds.  She shows her job/income/tax etc or you provide bank account of 200-250k and show funds from outside Thailand.  A work permit is not required if funds are not from inside Thailand and you do not work here; but believe you should be prepared to show source of funds.
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####, she has a good job so we can't get away with me supporting her, but she can't put together 200k savings.  I can easily put 200k into a thai acct and am earning more than her from my investments but at least we can hide that i guess and say she is supporting me as i'm not officially working.

Is there any other way to extend it in thailand or am i stuck with a trip to penang or vientiene?

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I am not sure what kind of requirement they would want for your being supported.  I would talk, along with wife, with your local immigration official.
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Where does your future wife come from , learned that its usually easier to apply in the area that the wife comes from

i got rejected at phkt imm because of that and that i didnt pay any bribes.

you should get an account of your own in thai and put in atleast 250k the more the better


1. Application Form T.M. 7.

2. A copy of passport or substitute document.

3. One 4*6 cm. Photo.

4. Marriage certificate.

5. 500 baht fee.

6. Birth certificate (if any). & current medical original certificate ( any Thai clinic will do for 30-50 baht).

7. Evidence to identify that the supporter or the one being supported has a Thai nationality or has residence in Thailand.

(copy of hose reg paper, Thai ID)

8. If an alien is the supporter, he must submit financial evidence, 250k bht

(proof of employment, work permit and tax receipts. )

this is only if you are working in thailand

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6. Birth certificate (if any). & current medical original certificate ( any Thai clinic will do for 30-50 baht).

Birth certificate believe is if you support a child.  Not need for most of our wives; I hope. :o   Have never heard of a medical being required for support type visa.  Other items listed seem to be correct in my experience.

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