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Route 1095 To Pai Blockaded


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As of Tuesday afternoon local garlic farmers wanting higher prices set up a blockade of route 1095 into Pai at the intersection with the road to Wat Chan not allowing any vehicles to pass. I learned about it today at the army checkpoint on the way back from CM who advised us to go around via Mae Sariang. Sure no problem. We continued on down the hill into Pai and all sorts of vehicles were parked on the highway for about half a klick up from the blockade. We parked the truck along the road and walked down to the blockade, where the protesters have set up a large awning in the middle of the intersection. It seemed like a party atmosphere, there was no chanting or protest signs, and the few bib I saw were milling about doing nothing as usual. It's no problem to walk through and we were picked up by friends on the Pai side. The mini busses appeared to be doing something similar. At this time Pai is completely out of fuel and the gas stations are closed.

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As of Thursday morning the "mob" was gone; don't know the outcome of the protest. Still lots of private vehicles parked along the roadside but the trucks have all moved on and the PTT station in Pai has diesel and 95 gasohol, and is expecting 91 this afternoon.

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