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Land Holding Company

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:o I would appreciate some advice on property purchase matters. I've done a search on this forum and have found some info. but I'm not clear about a couple of things: -

I am living in Pattaya and have a long stay O-A visa, which is, theoretically, renewable year after year provided that I remain solvent (800,000 Baht income or deposited with a bank). The terms of the visa specifically preclude employment of any kind so would this prevent me from setting up a land-holding company (for house purchase purposes only) and acting as the executive director?

Also, I have been looking at a number of properties in the Pattaya area, some new and some not. One, hopefully respectable, real estate lady assures me that 50% mortgage finance is readily available for new properties and can usually be arranged for those that are not new, provided that I can demonstrate that I have a regular income (no problem as I have a pension and annuity paid from the UK).

However, a second agent tells me that there is no way that a Thai bank will lend money to a foreigner, for house purchase or anything else, and that the full purchase price (plus taxes etc.) would have to be found up-front. :D

Any comments or advice?



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