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Can't Access My Thai Mail Account

Daffy D

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For the last couple of days have been getting this error message when trying to access my Thai.mail account:-

"Internal error (module sqconfig.c, line 66) - contact system administrator"

All other mails, Hotmail, Yahoo are working fine as is the Internet connection so is this some problem with the site or something I've done :o"Contact system administrator" sounds like some problem at my end :D



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Dropping the error message into Google give a number of hits in numerous languages, the ones I can read seem to suggest that this error occurs when your mail quota is exceeded. It seems that file system quotas don't work properly with the sqwebmail software.

Did you have a lot of mails in this box?

It seems the only way to fix is for the mailserver admin to increase your quota or delete some mail, is there a helpline/email where you can ask for help?

Failing that, time to set up a new account.

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