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Can Someone Recommend/have For Sale A Cheap Dual Output Graphics Card?


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Hi everyone, I'm just looking for a little advice on dual output graphics cards please!

Basically I'm looking to buy a cheap dual output pcie graphics card for my computer. I'm making music on it so ideally the card should be silent or very quiet.

I won't be playing games on it or doing anything graphics intensive. I just need the ability to spread my work across two monitors.

Can anyone recommend a cheap card for this and a place to get it from in Bangkok? Or perhaps you have a cheap card you're not using I could buy?

Also, if it's a dual dvi output can i just use adapters and use my old d-sub monitors?

Many thanks for the guidance!

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I am currently looking at the 'Asus 512mb EAH3650 silent' no fan huge heatsink, 128bit, 725 clock speed, 1840 thb from www.jib.co.th . Has 2 x dvi out and supplied adaptor connectors. Any info would be gratefully received.

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I've used Spark cards in the past for basic needs with no problems. Here is one at thanni.com with 512MB memory and both VGA and DVI output for 1260 Baht. DVI to VGA adapters are easy to get if one is not supplied with the card.

Dear Tywais,

I know you know a lot more about this than I do, so as a person who needs a new card almost only for recoding movies, and willing to spend a little more than rock bottom , I have settled on the Ati driven Asus as it has a higher clock speed and an 128bit interface, two areas where this card outspecs the cheaper Sparks which I am aware of and was going to buy until I checked the specs, in particular 128bit does not seem available for much under the Asus price anywhere, but.....do I need it?? I am just thinking that it looks like a worthwhile improvement for 500thb. What do you think?

Your Wisdom is much appreciated (and necessary)

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I am just thinking that it looks like a worthwhile improvement for 500thb. What do you think?

The EAH3650 is a fine card for general use and some medium to high level games also. It runs close to the nVidia 8600GT in performance. And for around 2000 Baht or less can't see going wrong with it. There will always be arguments regarding chip families, ATI vs nVidia specifically. I run an nVidia 8800GT at home and at the office I have an ATI Radeon (both ASUS). The Radeon works very well for for me at work including photoshop and engineering design and it is speced less then the one you are looking at. While the 8800GT I chose for home because I do like to play games. :o I choose models based on the technology and price at the moment.

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The HIS IceQ 4670 is an excellent card. Where can you buy it in Thailand? Is it available in Bangkok?

JIB sell it so take a walk around Pantip or Fortune, should be easy enough to find, Thanni sell it online too. There are different versions from Sapphire, Power Color and Asus around as well but the HIS one is a good allrounder if you aren't a serious gamer but still want to play the odd game at a decent resolution sometimes.

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