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Aliens Anybody ?


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An investigation is under way into how a blade was mysteriously torn off a wind turbine amid reports of "strange lights" in the sky.

The turbine at Conisholme in Lincolnshire was left wrecked after the incident.

The Sun quoted residents speculating the damage could have been caused by a UFO.

Wind turbine company Ecotricity said it had never seen anything like it before.

Nothing worse than a short sighted UFO pilot :o

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I am into a more contentious sort of alternative power, but I do so love the waft from the sewers especially when I am on my way out to eat. Maybe they could do a bit of methane collecting.

I love the way that anything unexplained in the west is UFO or in the east, ghosts.

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It appears more earthly, or should I say earthy, causes are being considered.

More mundane theories for the cause of the damage – from a block of frozen urine dropped by a passing plane, to simple mechanical failure – have been mooted, but none has yet proved conclusive.

So it appears it may be the fault of the (in)famous Jobby Tweaker :o (Billy Connolly fans may remember).

Source : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics...nd-turbine.html

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