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How Can Thailand Change It's Image?


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I lived in Thailand for 18 months while between jobs in the States. I absolutely loved the country. My wife, Thai, and I return there every year. We were stuck during the airport protests, but I still love the place. I have a section on my Google News page dedicated to Thailand and today I saw the following story: Thai police arrest Texas child sex abuse suspect.

Seems like some scum from the US was hiding out in Thailand and picked up by police. Sounds good. It appears as though justice will be done. Overall, I was happy with the article until I got to the the last sentence: "Several Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, are popular with sex offenders and fugitives because of lax law enforcement and corruption in the justice system." If the Thai police catch offenders and return them home, people point to Thailand and say, "See that's where sex offenders go!" The the police to nothing, people point to Thailand and say, "See that's where sex offenders go and the police do nothing!"

It seems Thailand is in a no-win situation. What can Thailand do to shake this global opinion that Thailand is filled with nothing but child molesters?

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I don't think they can do anything to quickly change their REPUTATION. That is set in stone. Thailand could be clean as a whistle now and people would still think that. If there was a big change on the ground, the reputation could be changed over the course of future generations. Thailand didn't get that reputation overnight, and if they ever lose it, they won't lose it overnight either.

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