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Admission To Assumption College Of Commerce


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I have some questions regarding conditions for admission to the Assumption College of Commerce (ACC) in Bangkok Sathorn RD. Soi13):

Our son is scheduled for an interview on Jan.17

We plan to enroll him on the "B" (Thai) course for financial reasons.

(We are aware of the tuition fees for "A" and "B" for all terms)

He will come from a Sarasas bilingual school, complete grade 9 this spring.

What are his chances (number of applicants vs. intake capacity)?

We have been told that the parents will be given a form on the day of interview, asking them to state an amount they would like to "donate".

How does the amount influence his chances of admission and what is the usual 'going-rate'?

I would appreciate if somebody could help us with the above. If a reply in the open forum is not possible, how about a private message?



PS. mods, please kindly move the post if you think an other forum might provide a better response

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