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My friend just settle down in CNX have installed a "Slingbox" in his friends house in Canada, and will use it for look at the canadian TV channels here.

Anyone who uses a Slingbox ?

Is there anyone on this forum who can advise him wich internet provider to use and more....

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It doesn't matter what service provider you use. What matters is the SPEED of your connection. I use TOT gold package (1000 baht per month) and it is just barely adequate for slingbox from the US.. I works only half the time acceptably during the day but later at night it usually is reliable. You can also adjust the receiving software to account for bad speeds (so that you can sometimes view with lower quality but remove the "bumps"). You also need a host in Canada who is willing to reset both the slingbox and router as needed. For me, that usually fixes total slingbox stoppages.

Another tip: I would not bother with this service unless you get your OWN DVR attached to the slingbox (obviously an additional monthly cost). Your host should be able to arrange it. With the higher end slingbox you can also attach a DVD player which I use for a netflix account.

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