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Playstation 2 Repair

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Had one fixed near 2 years ago in Nathon town. I have no ide if still there? Anyway Its a large repair shop (look slike a second hand store at first glance) fixing all things electrical, tread mills, microwaves, TV's you name it. He was getting parts from Hat Yai from the Sony supplier and fixed most of the game shops PS2's on the Island. Parts may take 1 week to arrive. My problem was the laser in DVD drive.

Directions - on the main road heading from the Police station past Tesco the market and then about 200 meters before the end of the one way on the left side.

Otherwise ask some of the PS2 game/internet shops on the Island, seen laods of them and they must also need repairs.

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wii modchip, 2008-10-11 05:13:03

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modding your wii will not be a trouble, your chipset is D2B with cut legs according to the serial you did post.

i'm working here as an it guy and i was modding consoles in my country(belgium) i'm still refered on a modchip installer website (http://annonces.gx-mod.com/modules/poseurs/affich_poseurs.php?pays=4&cons=ps2&loc=04).

i got a modchip supplier in china, the newest product is the modchip called "D2ALL", i don't have modchips for wii in stock, however i can order them.

the price i did give you 2000 bath for the work is of course including the modchip , if you're interested we can maybe meet prior to this if you have any questions.

here's my mail : //edit - e-mail address removed as per forum rules//

kind regards,


Koheesti - You could try this guy, he sorted out my kids Wii and I would imagine would be able to help with the PS2.

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