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Muay Thai Gear


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Wheres the best place to buy genuine quality Muay Thai gear, such as Pads, gloves, shorts etc.

Shops just located outside Lumpinee has been recommended.

Where else?

Also any good muay thai gyms, in bangkok, phuket, or samui that take people for casual training?


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Using Fairtex at the moment, they seems to be pretty good. What about Boonsport? Whats the best thai pads you have used? I think twins have pretty good pads, never tried King or Windy, But heard Windy is topss. How much in general will Thai pads and Belly guard cost at the Lumpinee shops on average?

Do those gyms do personal training?

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Well it also depends on your budget , For me everlast and adidas produced the best gloves around :o .

Or you can even make your own brand of equipment and name it after yourself lol overall its the same quality Like Twins

I get most of my gear from behind National Stadium. Twins gear. I like Twin gloves and pick them up for Bt.1300

I haven't tried addias gloves but I read a review saying thay have these new "flash" ones with mesh palms. Much coller and dont smell ha. In Aust I used a lot of punch gear

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