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How To Get A Screen Shot


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Assuming windows.

CTRL-ALT-PrtScr will capture the active window to the clipboard, simply paste it into your favourite phote software (I use Photoshop).

CTRL-PrtScr captures the entire screen, paste in the same way.

No added software needed :o

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Thanks - where do I find the clipboard?

555 sorry mate.

You copy from the clipboard using the 'paste' (or CTRL-V) function in your photo application (you can paste into Word and many other apps too).

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Thanks - where do I find the clipboard?

Whenever you copy something it goes to the "clipboard" which is just a memory location. When you paste it puts the clipboard information into the application. In other words after doing the above PrtScrn method open any paint program, the one that comes with windows will work and use the key CTRL+V to paste it in or just edit > paste from the paint program menu. If Photoshop just select create new image and then paste after you done the screen shot.

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Thanks . I always wondered how to do that.

It's been a function of Windoze as long as I can remember, certainly in Windows 3.1 maybe earlier. Always wondered why people produce apps that do something that is an embedded function :o

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It doesn't work for me - is it possible to explain?

When I come here, the paste cannot work and CtrlV does nothing.

You can't paste an image straight into a forum post, you must save it as a file first (via your image editing application) and then insert the image into your post.

EDIT Try this.

Open 'Paint'

Make the window you're interested in active (click on it)

hit CTRL-ALT-PrtScr

Switch to paint


You should have the screen dump in Paint from where you can save it as a .jpg ready to insert into your post :o

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Interesting thread, I had a pic from an email someone had sent me recently, I wanted to post it but it was an "aspx" file and I couldn't figure out how to save the image.

Maybe I shoulda PrintScreened it over to Photoshop then posted here? I think I would have needed to change the extension name however.

It was supposed to go with the thread "Prayer - fm the Buddha".

OK thanks.

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What is 'paint' and how do I open it?

Excuse my ignorance, I'm a luddite.

Paint is the built-in Windoze image editor.

In Vista it's behind

Start=>All Programs=>Accessories

Similar location in XP (don't have it in front of me) :o

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click on START

that will bring up ALL PROGRAMMES


then move the cursor to ACCESSORIES , that will bring up a list of programmes including PAINT

move the cursor down to PAINT , click , and PAINT will open.

paste your saved screenshop into PAINT by using Ctrl-V as explained and bobs your uncle , your screenshot should be there

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OK can you guys remind me how to put my pic inside my post?

The one above only came out as a link.

I don't believe the board supports .bmp or .tif as attached images. Save it as a .jpg file instead plus it is a much smaller file size for uploading and members viewing.

//Edit - I just saved your .tif file locally then converted it to .jpg and re-uploaded it. Click on Browse under Manage Current Attachments, select the file then click on UPLOAD. Then click on Manage Current Attachments and the green + to insert the image at the point your cursor position is in the edit box. It appears you have that last part down, just putting the details up for other members. The file size went from 1.04MB to 87kB.


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OK, so that is the reason.

The funny thing is, I think I tried to save it as a jpg but somehow it saved as a tif.

Just for practice I am going to do it over, and see if I can save it as a jpg, or convert the existing file to jpg on my own.



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