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New Terminoligy..

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As of 21st January 2009, the art of quickly / temporarily fixing something shall no longer be referred to as "Nigger Rigging", from now it it shall be referred to as " A Presidentilal Solution"

Wonderful to see rampant racism masquerading as a puerile humour. The OP was so impressed with his wit that he stuffed it up by misspelling the punchline!

I am surprised and disappointed that contributors to this site, where almost invariably the readers are people of colour or have loved ones who are of colour, that unfunny "jokes" are made of a person's ethnicity.

Obama is exciting the world with prospect of a new more tolerant, more equitable world based on intelligent rational decision-making. Remember, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review, one of civilisation's most respected publications.

Your contrite apology will be accepted.

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The joke was pathetic and UNFUNNY and that is from an ex north sea tiger, Roughnecks are pussys! As for Obama that's the biggest joke. You have just voted yourselves a Fascist Government. NOTHING has changed. For a guy that wont even produce his birth certificate or school records I cant see his vision of freedom going far!

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