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Question From A Teacher In Visa Forum


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A teacher posted two work-permit-related questions here in the visa forum, where his post correctly belongs, but I have a feeling that frequenters of this forum would be better able to answer them. Rather than have him duplicate the topic in this forum, I would be grateful if you clicked on the link above to see if you have the answers to his questions. (With my limited knowledge on the subject I would guess that it is no to both questions)

Thank you.



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Some general advice to anyone who is leaving one job where he has a Work Permit, and taking a new job where he wants to obtain one:

1. Do not quit your old job any earlier than you have to. When you quit a job, you only have 7 days to either leave the county, or find a new job AND have your new employer complete and submit all the necessary paperwork.

2. If you are on good terms with your old employer, ask him if will keep your old Work Permit active (i.e. not return it to the Labour Dept.), until your new employer is up to speed, and is well within one week of having everything ready to submit.

You may want to ask your new employer to enter your "start date" as a date later then when you actually started working. Having an overlap did not cause me a problem because I was dealing with two different labour offices, but things might be different if both of your employers are dealing with the same office.

3. If possible accompany the repesentatives of both schools to all the necessary offices. If there is a missing signature, or any other small problem, you can attend to it on the spot, saving precious time, if you are trying to get things done within 7 days.

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If you are on an extension of a visa, I think you no longer have 7 days to leave unless you get a seven days extension for 1900 baht at an immigration office.

If you are still on an original visa, you can stay until the permitted to stay date in your passport. If a multi entry visa, you can cross a border and get another 90 days, as long as you're still with the use by date.

That is my understanding, but is, of course, subject to being wrong.

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