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Banglamung Cable Internet


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Banglamung Television over the past week has dropped and futher shuffled it's programme content, swapped audio feeds (last night's Star Wars movie was broadcast with the audio feed from an Arab horse race meeting), when their scrolling news feed system fails and displays an error message it can remain uncleared and broadcast over the top of the movie/news/adverts as the operator appears unable to click OK/Cancel on the computer generating the subtitling. They have not (that I can find) bothered to create any form of website to offer ANY information about services or programme listings. I doubt they pay for the rebroadcast channels taken from MNet etc.

Do you really think that their internet service will be better?

I stand to be corrected, but from what I have seen there is a lot of room for improvement.

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Do you really think that their internet service will be better?

Yes I do...it's GREAT!

I have had B-TVs cable internet service (only the internet service as I already had Sophon Cable) for a month and have no complaints. I do allot of torrent downloads and routinely get speeds of over 200 kB/s (often 220-225 - they advertise a speed of up to 200 kB/s), which my friend who has a line direct from CAT says is better than he gets. Funny that as the B-TV cable internet service is a re-sale of CAT's internet lines by B-TV. The line drops a few times a day (usually in early evening) but usually reconnects in a few minutes. Longest outage I have had is once or twice for about an hour (I call that very good for high-speed i-net service in Thailand).

Cost B 2000 per month and includes a free cable modem and free next day installation.

There is no god. So just go ahead and be good and enjoy your life.

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