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Western Food Supermarket Near Chatuchak


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Newbie here. I have just recently moved to Bangkok and to a condo near Central Plaza, Chatuchak. I am looking for a supermarket in the area that sells a good selection of western type food such as pasta, pasta sauce (e.g. Prego), jars of curry sauce, good meats (chicken, minced meat, bacon, sausages), heinz baked beans, etc.

I went to Tesco Lotus and found nothing there! There was not even spaghetti in the supposed 'Western Food Pasta' isle!

I have nothing against Thai food, I enjoy it a lot but I don't like eating out every single night!

I don't mind making a trip to Sukhumvit should there be a good selection there.

Appreciate any help.

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For somewhere within walking distance from where you are try the Carrefour on Lad Phrao Road. It's nowhere near as good as Villa Market, but it's better than Tesco Lotus if you only want 1 or 2 little bits. I'm pretty sure they have Prego sauces there in their gourmet section.

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I actually found that the supermarket on the ground floor of Central Plaza sells spaghetti and Prego sauce. I'll be checking out The Villa at Major Ratchayothin this weekend. Cheers guys.

Yeah, that would be Topps, there's another one on the gound floor of Union Mall too, although the best Topps I've found is the one in Esplanade on Ratchada.

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