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Please Suggest Spiritual E-books On Christianity & Religious Spirits?


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I am full time sales representative seeking Christian materials to sell part-time to supplement my income. Do you know of a Christian business that will allow me to sell their material?

How's about spreading materials that are in fact useful in this day and age and not made up crap that does no-one any good? Something like the Zeitgeist Movement, which is along the lines of what we need to be following to make any real changes. Although you probably wouldn't make any money, you could at least be safe in the knowledge that it will do people some good.

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How about the Gideons? They often want people to put their bibles into hotel rooms.

Not related to this thread...but to honour a real great musical genius:


Pink Floyd, unmatched and equal to Mozart, Paul Mc Cartney/John Lennon, Bach and Elvis...forever...and ever...many years after TV...!!!

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