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Pay As You Go Phone From Uk

slippery when wet

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I actually did just that in a slight emergency a few months past.

I dialled one of the 0844 numbers at 1p a minute and then dialled the Thai mobile I needed from an O2 simcard and was charged the normal rate of usage for the phone which was 25 pence a minute for first 3 minutes then 5p a minute thereafter.

The pay as you go balance didnt appear to charge the additional penny a minute.

I cant remember the number I used then but you could try using 0844 200 9898 which is still one of the valid access numbers still working ??


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Hello All.

My wife has a pay as you go phone in the uk and we are looking for the cheapest way to phone thailand by this means. My friend says that this is an expensive way but we dont have a home phone at present as we are in the middle of moving house. Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Slippery

I'm guessing that it would help if you told us which network you were using and whether you are willing/able to change it if necessary.

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Well, I would not mess with UK mobile phones, period. Too expensive! Why not use www.skype.com from PC to PC, with your wife leaving and getting voice mail and the odd planned conference call?

Since you have a computer or a neighbor who has one, try www.voipdiscount.com at cost of about 10 quid for 3 months, for 300 minutes a week and the ability to call Thai mobile phones.

There might be special numbers for landlines and a friend allowing you to use his phone for cash. From Germany, with a special number calling a landline or mobile phone costs less than 2 cents/min. But again, I would

not mess with mobile phones!

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