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Address Reporting Possibly Waived

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There was an article in the BKK Post yesterday, Sunday 8 Feb, that implied that retirees with spouses who are Thai citizens can get their 90 day address reporting requirement waived. I say "implied", even though it stated it as a matter of fact, because no details were supplied other than saying "ask".

I am surprised about this as no one in my fairly large circle of retired friends married to Thais has ever mentioned they do not have to report every 90 days. And when applying for my yearly extension I have always provided all the documentation showing I am married to a Thai citizen. I acknowledge that frequently you do not get what you do not ask for, but still.....?

Does anyone have more information on this? Did we misread the article (a fellow retiree was sitting with me and read it the same way)?

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Correct. The Post article refers to a Residence Permit, which is another term for Permanent Residency. Permanent Residents are required to register with their local police station and obtain an Alien Registration Certificate (in reality, a red book rather than a certificate). The book contains your current address and you must inform the police station at both your old and new residential addresses within 7 days if you move. Immigration no longer requires 90-day notifications once you have an Alien Registration Certificate. The Alien Certificate must be renewed every 6 years, even if you don't change address.

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The only thing I can find in the Bangkok Post is this. Talking about Permanant Residency. I think you read it wrong.


You are right, I read it wrong. And reading it again now I do not understand how I could have read it wrong. It is very clear and straight forward. It must have been wishful thinking (and I probably just skimmed through it as I was at a restaurant). Thanks.

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