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Ed Visa Question

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Guys, I really thought I still had one brain cell left working - but now I have tried to make sense of the Thai visa rules I am completely lost!!

I have been to my local Thai Embassy to apply for the ED Multiple entry 12 month visa. The stamp says enter by the 26th of April (Fine, I am arriving in March) but says 'S' under no of entry. When I asked they said you can only get the multiple entry part of the visa when you arrive and get it extended.

When I go (or the school goes) to the immigration office do you then just ask for the multiple entry 12 month visa? Does the ED Visa I now have in my passport mean I will just get it easily???

Also, when they give you this extension do you actually have something put in your passport that allows you to fly in and out - or do you still have to get a re-entry permit.

The school info says they get it extended for another 3 months - my course is nearly 7 months though!! Do you just get another extension again after 6 months.

One more question - do you really have to report to immigration in BKK every month - wow!!!?

Thanks in advance. :o

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When you enter the country you will get a 90 stay. Your school then needs to give you the documentation for an extension then within the last 30 days of your permit to stay you will go to immigration and get your extension. You will need a re-entry permit if you want to leave the country to keep your extesnion valid.

You might get an extension for 7 months that equals your the length of your course. Or 90 days twice and then another 90.

You don't have to report to immigration every month. If you stay in the country longer than 90 you have to report to immigration that you are staying over 90 days.

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