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Trat Then Koh Kong And Sihanoukville (cambodia)


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I'm planning a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, leaving bangkok this weekend. My original thought is to travel to Trat and then go across the boarder to Koh Kong.

I read information that the ferry service from there to Sihanoukville had been closed in September 2008. Does anyone have any new information? Has the service been resumed? Anyone who did the trip, please contact me and tell me about it.



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No change and chance that the boat will resume is remote to nil. Reason and hence alternative: road and bus.

Same as happened for PpnPn-SReap boat over lake-though this route attracts far more custom and the odd boat lingers on here.

As thaivisa does often not really excel in objective info: try here: talesofasia.com for all of KHmer's borders and howtogetthere and canbypublications.com for all Khmer bus-timings

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Can anyone give an update on this? Can you confirm if the boat service between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville is not running?

If the boat service ran this high season it will be probably be ending sometime late April as previously it has not run in the wet/low season. It ran in early 07/08 but was suspended during the low season in 08.

Check out the canbypublications website but it says the boat service is still suspended. (They do great guides for PP, SR and Sihan.) If the info on the boat service is not current maybe ask on a cambodia forum.

However, since the road from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong city and the Thai border was finally sealed in 2007 there is a couple of daily buses each way, 4 hrs. Mini-vans to/from Trat to the Thai border for 120 baht. I last did this trip in Aug 08 into Thailand and it is an easy trip.

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