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Mirrors Advice


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Hi guys, well I've just bought a CB400 Super 4 Vtech 1... :D

I have a problem though. The way the handle bars and mirrors are set up, I cant see past my shoulders very well. Obviously, I want to ride as safely as possible!

The guy I bought the bike from said he had been looking for longer mirrors for a while and couldn't find any. He didn't spare expense on other mods for the bike so I don't believe he is lying.

I went to the local bike shop and they said when they find some longer mirrors they will call my wife, I'm not holding my breath. :D

So, what should I do? Where can I source longer mirrors? ---Is that the best option?

Or? Should I try to find longer mirror stands? (if thats what they are called).

Off toipic, but also should mention that my bike is white with red stripes. Wikipedia says that the Anniversary Edition with only 50 units manufatured is the same! :o

Bike sounds really nice and rides really well. I'm a happy camper.

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Congrats on the new ride!

You don't mention where you're located so hard to offer advice. Any half way decent bike shop here in Thailand should be able to modify or make new mirror stands for you. I can recommend a few places in Bangers. Bar-end mirrors are also a cool looking option, though I'm not sure how functional they actually are.

Happy Trails!


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Funny enough i have found standard Honda wave mirrors are long enough. but you will have to learn to tuck your elbow. if all you can see is ya shoulder you have some really badly adjusted mirrors. well done on the bike. hopefully you have a plate and green book..... by the way well done livinlos :o

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Long answer. make sure you get yourself a Thai driving licence, carry a copy of your passport, invoice papers etc with you and always ONLY have 200baht in the visible part of your wallet. keep any other money in the zipper section.

THAT WAY you should at least stop so much trouble. and do not stop for BIB check points unless you have to. slow down but don't stop.

also try and get a police sticker from somewhere its surprising how well this works. Hope you didn't pay to much for it cos if your really unlucky and get caught in a customs stop they can and probably will take the bike.

oh also make sure you have tax and insurance try to get least 3rd party insurance if you can (it has a bail bond if you get in an accident, means you don't go to jail straight away)

oh and Engrin doooohhh. why did you buy it?


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Got your mirrors. Take a look at the Kawasaki Vulcan mirrors. They are quite reasonably priced since the bike is sold here in Thailand. They have a much longer stem than any of the Honda mirrors I looked at. The thread size is the same as Honda. I've got them on my VTX and can see behind me with no restrictions.

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