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Looking For A Pickup

chiang mai

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A good friend of mine has recently moved to live in Phuket and is now looking to buy a pickup truck, there's a budget of 250,000 baht for this. Having been burned once already when buying a bike from a farang he is understandably nervous and is now planning to go to Bangkok where their seems to be a greater abundance of budget priced vehicles for sale.

Does anyone have any leads/recommendations where my chum might be able to buy a vehicle here in Phuket in relative safety?


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Scroll down these pages to get a rough idea about prices in Bangkok:



Thanks Gert, and Rob. I'm Rob's chum that's looking for wheels.

Gert, that is the best website I have found as well, been checking it out the last couple days in fact. www.cars4thais.com seems months out of date. From what I can tell it's worth the trip to save 50-80k baht. However if there is anyone needing to unload a vehicle, whether car or truck, I have a budget of about 250k.


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Thanks to all for the info. I now have my new truck. And so far I am really happy with the place I bought it. They took care of everything! The one2car.com website worked well. Many dealers post thier vehicles there. It was listed for 288k, I ended up paying 245k with an agreement to send another 20k within 90 days! They even had it transferred to me, (but are keeping the book till I pay the 20k), paid insurance for a year, and fixed several little things on it, with an agreement that anything else that needs fixing I can take out of the 20k I owe!


If you want a car in Bangkok, call Tiew at 081-9128090.


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