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Internet Works / Phone Does Not


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The other day my internet went off for 20 mins or so (first lengthy downtime in over a year) and now it works fine again but my telephone does not work? Im on TT&t Maxnet standard package - tot phoneline.

Anybody any idea whats going on here ? Recently installed a wireless modem/router but that should have nothing to do with it.

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Had the same thing happen to me several times. I'm on TOT ADSL. Sometimes the Internet works but the phone does not or the other way round with the phone working but the Internet not. Don't know why this happens but TIT.

I still have my dial-up set up so I just need to plug into the phone line if I really need to use the Internet when only the phone line is working.


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Check at the demarc outside the premises just to be sure you don't get a dial tone. You'll be sorry if you don't do this before calling them. They always try and blame the premise wiring first.

If there is no loop current outside, then go ahead and call TT&T and tell them your phone is out of service. DSL and POTS services are completely different equipment, and it is very possible that one of them got reconnected correctly and the other one didn't.

They will most likely be able to fix it without ever coming to see you, but they are going to make you jump through hoops and answer 20 questions unless you assure them the problem exists on their side.

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