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60 Days Double Entry, Will I Loose 30 Days?

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Quick question..

Just back from Vientiane with a new tourist visa 60 days double entry in my swedish passport.

My visa is running out in the middle of April and if I vists immigration office I get 30 more days before I have to do a border run. But if I want to go to Dubai or China for Songkrahn (middle april) will I loose the 30 days and start on the next 60 days straight away or do I get 30 days when I come back to Thailand??


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If you leave and enter the country using your 2nd entry you will loose the chance to get your 30 day extension.

I suggest you go to immigration just before you leave and get your extension and a re-entry permit (1000 baht).

That way you would only loose the time you are out of the country. Be sure and put your re-entry permit number on the TM6 arrival card and make sure they don't use your 2nd entry when you return.

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