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Help! I Need To Know My Options!

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hi, i have a work permit ending in march and a re-entry permit,i am currently in my native country planning to rtn thailand in 2-3 weeks. i had to pay for my w.p...and have to pay 2000 bht a mo. for taxes even though i'm not even there! since my wp is ending soon i want to send my w.p. back and come in again on a tourist visa....i have a guy that will sell me anything w.p. non b,you name it....this guy whom i dont trust very much says i can only enter thailand thru my re-entry permit! IS THIS TRUE? he wants to sell me a 3 mo work permit for 8000b(supposedly a special one-time deal!)+the 2000 bht taxes every month!!!what a ripoff!!! only in thailand can you work and come back w/less money than you started with!!!! So i need to know if this is the right way or best way to go or is there another option? why cant i just quit the w.p. and come back on a visa on arrival?Your help is greatly appreciated!!! thank you

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It is the employers responsibility to notify the labour departement that you are no longer working. You don't have to do anything with the work permit. You can keep it or throw it in the trash if you wish.

If you enter without using the re-entry permit your extension will be cancelled.

A VOA is only for those from certain countries, Unless you are from one of those countries you can get a visa exempt entry dependent on what country you are from.

It sounds like somebody is offering you some kind of shady deal. He may have a company registered and can get the work permit. I wouldn't trust doing anything without doing a bit of investigation first.

If you are planning on staying a while you should get a tourist visa from a Thai embassy or consulate.

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Thank you for your time and expertise,the employer is not legit...i had to buy my W.P. so i wouldnt worry about goin to jail..i think i paid like 12,000 bht.for a 6mo. W.P...plus taxes!!!! i read here they only cost 3100bht...can you confirm?.i am a musician from the U.S.A...you say if i enter without a re-entry permit,my extension wiil be cancelled.Are you speaking about the ext. to my visa that the w.p. provides right? But i can still enter on a VOA right? I think the back of the WP says i must return or face penalty of 2,000bht and or 30days in jail.The dude i got the WP from says that getting a multiple-entry non B visa is really hard to get now...he's not held in high regard by some.....can i still get a non B multi-entry? Thanx again for your help!

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If it is an extension of stay from immigration if you enter without using the re-entry permit it will be cancelled. What is the experation date of your re-entry permit? That would be the same as your permit to stay so if you did not get another extension you would have to leave the country anyway on that date.

The requiement to turn in your work permit ended in March of last year. You have an old book.

Since you are from the US you do not need a VOA. You will get a 30 day visa exempt entry.

You paid for more than just the work permit. You paid for using a company he has registered plus administrative charges. Since you are a musician it sounds to me like the person providing your work permit is acting as your agent which could be perfectly legitamate. The 2000 baht would be to pay your Thai income tax and social security. It does not sound to me that it was that bad a deal.

A multiple entry visa would allow you to enter and get a 90 day permit to stay each entry. You would still need a work premit and it would have to be extended each time you leave and get a new entry. With the proper documetntation they can be easily obtained. A lot of people are using them because they do not qualify for an extension.

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