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What Visa Can I Get?

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Hi all,

I plan to buy a condo and live more or less permanently in Thailand. I am self-employed and do all my business on the Internet. My question is whether it would be possible to obtain a non-immigrant multiple entry visa (one year). I have a dilemma. Even though I work I do not receive any salary in Thailand, nor do I occupy a job in Thailand. Could my type of work be considered "no work", i.e. tourism?

I am 43 years old and I suppose I am not eligible for a "retirement" visa. I can, however, prove I have sufficient funds to support myself (bank statements and through my business).

What would you recommend to the best approach for me in applying for a visa? I am a Swedish citizen.

Thanks in advance, TT

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Thanks for the reply. What is required to obtain an investment visa and what length of stay could I be looking at?

If I invest (deposit) X k baht in a Thai bank can that money be used or does it have to stay in the bank?

Does a purchased condo count as investment?

Thanks, Tony

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