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Extending The Validity Of Your Dtac Sim Card


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The service is called "day give away".

Maybe ring DTAC at 1678, or drop them an email: [email protected] to let them know what you want.


1. Eligible users must have activated their SIM for at least 90 days continuously, or have a total usage balance of over 200 baht. In addition, the account must not be suspended, and must have at least 1 day before it expires when activating the service.
2.Remaining credit may not be less than 10 baht after applying for this service.
3.Account validity may not exceed 365 days after a successful transaction.
4.If a user has already borrowed credit from the Emergency Refill Service, the user must settle the balance prior to apply for Day Giveaway Service.
5.The company reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions as well as service fees. In addition, the customer is not allowed to use the service for any illegal acts or to violate customer service contract. The company reserves the right to cancel or suspend this service and launch legal proceedings as is deemed appropriate.
6.By subscribing for this package, it means you give your consent for operator to transfer data, including personal information and customer profile to new network "TriNet" under dtac TriNet Co., Ltd.
7.Services provided by dtac TriNet Co., Ltd., Registration No: 0105549034548 Chamchuree Square No.319 Floors 22-41 Phayathai Road Pathumwan Bangkok 10330.
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I extended my DTAC prepaid SIM's validity today for an additional one year (12 months) for their standard 24 baht fee.

I did so by calling into DTAC's 1678 customer support number. But, if you set up and log into their EService / My Service account management system, you can extend there also under Jaidee services and the section titled Day Giveaway. (The prior website page they used to have for this service now appears to be gone/dead).

Online once you've logged in and gone to Jaidee services, the Day Giveaway menu only shows extension options up to 6 months for 12 baht. But the CSR I spoke with, who did my one-year extension over the phone, said the online approach would allow back to back 6 month extension requests, effectively giving you the same 12 months for 24 baht extension.


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